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Why can't I see pricing?

Damaged Item Policy

Defective Item Policy

Back Order Policy

Are Your Product Prices Retail Or Wholesale?

How Old Do I Have To Be To Order From You?

Do You Sell My Or My Customers Information?

How Can I Make Changes To My Account?

Is My Order Sent Discreet?

Do You Have A Minimum Order Amount?

Where Can I Find Your Printed Catalog?

What Is The Retail Price Of The Items I Purchased?

Do You Offer Terms Or Credit?

Could We Use Images On Your Website For Our Marketing Purposes?

Do You Price Match Other Distributors?

You Don’t Carry The Product I Need, Can You Get It For Me?

What Is Your Return Policy?

How Do I Track My Order?

Do You Charge Any Monthly Membership Fees?

Could I Sell Your Products On Amazon?

Could I Use Your Invoice To Obtain Approval For Amazon Restricted Items?

Do You Offer Private Label Options For Me?

Where Are You Located?

Drop Shipping

Could You Drop Ship Directly To Amazon For Us?

Is There A Fee For Drop Shipping?

What Is Your Return Policy On Drop Shipped Orders?

Would you drop ship an item outside of the United States?

How Do I Specify an Order For Drop Shipping?


Is My Credit Card Information Secure?

Which Payment Options Do You Accept?

Which Currency Are These Prices?


When Is My Order Shipped?

Do You Ship Worldwide?

What Are My Shipping Options?

What Are Your Shipping Fees?

Could You Put My Company Logo On Your Box Or Use My Custom Branded Box?

How Much Should I Charge My Customer For Shipping?

Starter Package

What Is In Your Starter Package?

Could I Pick And Choose Items In The Starter Package?

Is The Starter Package For Drop Shipping?

I'm New To Selling Sex Toys. Where Do I Start?


Do You Offer a Spreadsheet Of Your Inventory?

How Do I Add Your Products To My Store?

Which Data Feed File Types Do You Currently Support?

Which Shopping Cart Platforms Could I Use?

Do You Offer Fulfillment Automation?