How Dropshipping Works With Lifestyle Distributing

If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in dropshipping sex toys and how this process works with Lifestyle Distributing.  First, let's define what dropshipping is.  The process of dropshipping a product is when retail store owners list products from the manufacturer or distributor and then have this same entity ship the item to their customer without holding any of these items in stock.  Dropshipping is a great way to advertise many products for sale without investing in the cost for inventory up front.

Currently, Lifestyle Distributing will drop ship any of our wholesale sex toys to your customers in the United States for no additional fee which could give the retailer a significant advantage over your competitors.  Leave the fulfillment duty to us and focus on making sales which is how you will grow your business.

We know this topic could get confusing for many people so we created a simple infographic that outlines the 9 steps of how dropshipping adult toys works with us.  If you have any questions in addition to this guide, please don't hesitate to contact us.  If you are ready to start your dropshipping business, sign up for a free wholesale account in under 5 minutes.

Wholesale Sex Toys - How Dropshipping Works


Wholesale Sex Toy Dropshipping Guide