The History of BMS Factory

BMS Factory
The History of BMS Factory
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About BMS Factory

BMS Enterprises started in Toronto, Canada in 1983. Founder and current CEO of the brand Steve Bannister first opened a small retail store. His overall goal was to purchase quality bulk sex toys and sell them to individual customers in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Five years into his retail business, Bannister entered the wholesale adult sex toys business. Shortly thereafter, he moved into manufacturing and providing intimate accessories to businesses around the world like yours.

BMS Company Specifics

This wholesale adult sex toys brand is currently headquartered at 80 Bramwin Court in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. They provide a wide range of services as part of their operations, including retail, distribution, manufacturing and administration within the adult toys and accessories industry. The corporate family employs about 200 people.

BMS is well-known and established throughout many western markets. Today, they are also growing in China. All of the brand's distribution starts in their 41,000 square foot Toronto warehouse. Distribution networks span all of North America and around the globe. All of the company's products are made in China, then imported into Canada for wholesaling.

BMS Enterprises currently employs at least 27 people with annual revenues of $5 million. They are headquartered at 80 Bramwin Court, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

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BMS Factory Brand Philosophy

The BMS Enterprises brand started in the early 1980s as a Toronto-based adult toy store. Called "Aren't We Naughty," the store positioned the brand as a tongue-in-cheek fulfillment center for customers' personal intimacy needs. Founder Steve Bannister launched the brand out of desire to make adult products availability and distribution reliability easier in the Canadian market.

The company grew rapidly based on Bannister's emphasis on quality offerings and excellent customer service. He stands behind doing fair business at competitive prices, even today as a major wholesaler. As he grew less impressed by the market's offerings of quality products, Bannister decided to design and manufacture his own lines of adult toys and accessories.

Products Available at

At, you can buy BMS Enterprises' bestselling adult toys for your customers and online store. We offer almost 100 of their customer favorites, including the original PowerBullet vibrators for which the brand became famous. The PowerBullet offers vibration technology still among the strongest in the industry. Also available is the 100% silicone finish line called Swan, including the popular Leaf series.