Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit SS680-03
Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit


This Sexy  Submissive Kit gives you everything you need to bring a new fantasy to life in a playful, sensual, and easy way. Two sets of restraints, a blindfold, and feather tickler make it fun to flirt with new extremes. The adjustable bondage cuffs feature long straps that attach to most furniture, turning any room into a sweltering dungeon. The comfortable blindfold makes every touch, tease, and tickle a surprise to your partner, heightening each sensation. The rooster-feather tickler will have them torn between laughter and longing as they are pushed towards sexual desperation. Makes a great surprise gift to spice up the bedroom!
Inside The Box
4 Cuffs
Connector Straps
Pleasure Feather
Package Weight
10.10 Ounces
Package Dimensions
2.00W by 12.00H by 5.00L inches

Product Type Fetish
SKU SS680-03
UPC 646709680039
Manufacturer Sportsheets
Weight 204
Color Red
Country Of Origin US
MSRP 32.99