S&M Enchanted Spreader Bar SS099-23
S&M Enchanted Spreader Bar

S&M Enchanted Spreader Bar


This elegant spreader bar is adorned on either end with burgundy Enchanted cuffs that are easy to put on and remove, but secure. These soft, but sturdy cuffs adjust to the perfect fit around ankles or wrists, which will be pried apart by the bar between them. Your partner will be powerless as you have your way with their exposed and vulnerable body! The fantasy is in your hands to decide whether to keep them on their feet, bent over, on their knees, or on their back!
Package Weight
4.20 Ounces
Package Dimensions
1.50W by 19.00H by 5.00L inches

Product Type Fetish
SKU SS099-23
UPC 646709099237
Manufacturer Sportsheets
Weight 136
Color Multi
Country Of Origin CN