KinkLab Leather Vampire Gloves XL KL550

KinkLab Leather Vampire Gloves XL


The Vampire Gloves are sporty black leather gloves made of soft, thin leather, with a snap closure at the wrist and one other special feature: the fingers have prickly little tacks sticking out of them (96 to be exact). The tacks are short, about 1/8" long, and will prick and scratch the skin like little thorns, but will not pierce the skin unless you squeeze or slap it very firmly.

The gloves can also be used very lightly, and can stimulate the skin in dozens of distinct little points without actually hurting at all. Some people might find the sensation rather intense, perhaps in a ticklish way.
Package Weight
3.20 Ounces
Package Dimensions
5.00W by 11.00H by 6.00L inches

Product Type Fetish
UPC 844915090455
Manufacturer Kinklab
Weight 91
Color Black
Country Of Origin PK
MAP Price 47.95
MSRP 47.95