ID Glide Pump Bottle 64 Fl Oz

ID Glide Pump Bottle 64 Fl Oz


ID Glide provides you with all the slip you could ask for in a water-based Lubricant. Use it during couples intimacy or masturbation to enhance the sensation and make all your sexual encounters more enjoyable.

It's condom compatible, safe to use with your favorite adult toys, and even non-staining. Should it begin to dry out, just re-activate with a drop of water or a bit of saliva. Glide is your one-stop shop for anything that needs the perfect amount of slip in the bedroom.

It's also an FDA 510K approved medical device so you know you are getting a quality product. ID Glide is here to slide you into place. 1.89 L.

Product Type Lubricants, Creams & Glides
SKU WL1542-05
UPC 761236900839
Manufacturer I.D. Lubricants
Weight 2313
Country Of Origin US
MSRP 95.42