The History of Sportsheets

The History of Sportsheets
Sportsheets International, Inc. (SI) began with one product, one after which the company gained its name. Today, the brand is more than adult-oriented bedding designed for couples play. The company is an international sex toys wholesale distributor based in Huntington Beach, California. Since 1993, SI has revolutionized the sex toy industry, manufacturing bondage gear, adult toys and accessories.

Today, you find Sportsheets products in leading adult toy warehouse retailers, sex toy party events and elsewhere adult-themed products sell. The brand claims empowerment of couples toward better connections and deeper interpersonal understanding. Thanks to a growing adult toy warehouse full of exciting sex toys wholesale, your store, website or sex toy party customers never get bored with product selection.

The company employees about 35 people in Huntington Beach, where the privately held brand began. Today, annual revenues average somewhere between $3.2 and $8 million. Brand founder, Tom Stewart, is still CEO and runs the company with his sister, Julie Stewart, as president. Julie leads business operations while Tom oversees research, product design and development.

Inc Magazine twice named Sportsheets as one of that publication's 5000 fastest-growing companies.

The First and Most Wanted Bondage Bed Sheet

Sportsheets began with one product, bed sheeting designed for bondage play by consenting adults. The product came into being with much thanks to a late night talk show. David Letterman participated in a skit wherein he wore a hook and loop-covered suit, jumped off a trampoline and stuck to a wall. The product inventor believed the same type of "captivity" could work in the bedroom, as part of bondage play.

Design of the specialized sheets centers on quality sheeting with removable Anchor Pads for attachment of wrist and ankle cuffs. The cuffs latch onto the pads, while the pads latch onto the sheets. While this restraint system holds a person to the sheets, the individual can also make the decision to free themselves, if desired.

The bedding designed according to the owner's whim quickly became a worldwide craze. Female customers reported the comfort of knowing that captivity in the sheets enabled them to remove themselves from their bondage at any point. In essence, the sheets provide safe play and peace of mind for consenting adults.

As the brand evolved, so did the namesake sheets. Today's models continue as bestsellers in retail stores and on the sex toy party circuit. Customers love the safety of these products, mixed with their eroticism.

A Full Adult Toy Warehouse of Sex Toys Wholesale

After the success of the brand's sheeting, the company continued to develop new sex toys. Their line now includes over 350 products designed for safe erotic play. All products feature only body-safe materials. Designs also provide easy use to ensure bondage play never feels unsafe to either party.

Today's sex toy customer wants to test their own sexual limits. Pop culture has fed a growing trend of bondage play. Among these hungry customers, offering Sportsheets products at your sex toy party or in your store helps them enjoy a new level of eroticism.

Brand products available for sale in your store or sex toy party include:

  • Vast array of restraint systems
  • Sex toys
  • Sexual position devices
  • Fantasy and role play adult toys
  • Strap-ons
  • Vibrators
  • Sportsheets

Media Exposure and Awards

Sportsheets has won many design and product awards. The brand's products also regularly appear in publications, television programs and Internet reviews. Web and print-based media exposure includes:

  • - 2019 Pick of the Week
  • The Sun UK - June 2019 and July 2019
  • Cosmopolitan - Eight times since 2014
  • Women's Health - May 2018
  • Curvy Girl Lingerie's "Plus Life" - 2015
  • Glamour Magazine - February 2016 and February 2017
  • Men's Health Magazine - February 2018
  • Orange County Business Journal "Fastest Growing Private Companies List" - 2012 and 2013
  • Inc. Magazine - Inc 5000 List
  • Orange County Register - 2013
  • Bloomberg Business Week - 2012
  • TIME Magazine - 2009
  • Men's Journal - 1995 and 1996
  • Details Magazine - 1995
  • Playboy Magazine - 1995
  • GQ Magazine - 1994

Sportsheets' products have also appeared in 22 television shows and feature films. As of 2019, the company's popular retail store and sex toy party products have won 43 awards.