The History Of Satisfyer

Designed to make adults curious about the nuances of sexuality, the sex toy product selection from Satisfyer features something for just about everyone. Sold in modern, upscale packaging and offering the promise of satisfaction delivered in record time, Satisfyer products like the Satisfyer Pro 2 provide your customers with a blissful experience every time. Start selling Satisfyer products quickly and easily, thanks to the turnkey processes of We provide customer drop shipping services so you can immediately offer these top-quality customer favorites without a big upfront investment.

About Satisfyer

German brand Satisfyer launched in 2016 with patented technologies encased in eye-catching, upscale adult toy designs. Since that time, the Satisfyer Pro 2 has proven itself legendary, thanks to its innovative Air-Pulse action that quickly and quietly enables toe-curling orgasms for women.

Today, the Satisfyer Pro 2 continues to shatter sales records through a solid reputation for delivering on its pleasure promises. But the German adult toy manufacturer has not stopped innovating, still developing and releasing more than 200 product innovations annually for men, women and couples.

The brand's award-winning smartphone application, Satisfyer Connect, adds to the customer experience. Using the app and at the touch of a finger, product owners can access a library of customer-generated erotic stories and even customize their personal experience anytime and anywhere.

Company Specifics

Satisfyer is a brand of Triple A Internetshops GmbH of Bielefeld, Germany. The parent company owns a diverse portfolio of eCommerce ventures and sexual wellness products, including their top-selling Satisfyer adult toys and devices.

Triple A Internetshops first launched in 2003. They debuted Satisfyer in 2016 and used early market experiences to reposition the brand in 2019 for appeal to a more upscale and discerning customer base.

Triple A employs more than 350 workers in Germany who serve over 100,000,000 customers. Also in their European headquarters, the company warehouses and distributes all of its products from a 65,000 square foot logistics center. The company's products sold in the United States are imported from this facility to licensed wholesale distributors like Your retail customers enjoy a seamless buying experience thanks to's continually updated catalog of product availability and quick drop shipping in discreet packaging to their door.

Satisfyer Brand Philosophy

Learning from early hurdles after the brand's 2016 market release, Triple A redesigned and re-released the Satisfyer line after 2019. The redesign included new packaging and materials to reach a more discerning adult toy user. They also targeted new customers just starting a journey of sexual exploration. These changes served the brand's philosophy and mission well. Those standards include empowering individuals and couples to create, customize and celebrate their own sexual journey.

The brand also claims that everything they create and sell under the Satisfyer name comes from the belief that sexuality is a "superpower" of well-being. They believe sexual pleasure boosts health and enables people to live more confident and joyful lives.

Triple A's 2019 redesign of Satisfyer's packaging and materials turned many industry heads. In fact, the company has won a litany of awards for their efforts, including the prestigious Red Dot Award for Personal Care Brands in 2017, 2018 and 2020. The awards panel for Red Dot applauded Satisfyer's colorful packaging imagery that offers broad appeal in sexual wellness. Of the redesign, the awards panel said the packaging is "designed to project a modern, playful and courageous appeal and at the same time express diversity, individuality and sexual self-confidence as part of a contemporary lifestyle."

Other recent awards include the 2020 German Brand Gold Award for Excellent Brands in Beauty and Care. This awards panel called the products and packaging extremely high quality and refreshingly young and carefree, appealing to both sexes and a wide range of age groups.

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If you are new to the much-loved line, you most certainly will want to offer the company's most legendary product, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clitoral stimulator. This latest-and-greatest version of the original Pro 2 guarantees pleasure through innovative pressure wave stimulation. It is a high-tech device with 11 settings designed for contact-free satisfaction. Of course, this sleek, modern device comes in the beautiful packaging discerning customers expect.

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