The History Of Nass Toys

The History Of Nass Toys
Nass Toys is a brand under privately-owned parent company Novelties by Nass Walk, Inc. of North Bergen, New Jersey. Its launch year was 1974 and the brand continues as a major wholesale dildos company, also offering vibrators and other adult toys.

Nass Toys' annual wholesale vibrators revenue is $5.1 million. About 25 employees work for the brand. Elliot Schwartz is the company president.

For Nass Toys, Novelties by Nass Walk, Inc. imports plastic vibrators and plastic adult toys the company manufactures overseas. The brand supply chain includes 11 countries. About 61.8 percent of products come from Hong Kong, 30.4 percent from China, 3.4 percent from Taiwan, 1.9 percent from Bangladesh and 1.3 percent from Japan. Under one percent of products come from the United States, Vietnam, Canada, Colombia, Samoa and Ghana.

Nass Toys is not a member of the Better Business Bureau. But the organization has received no complaints through this consumer information bureau.

About Nass Toys Product Collections

Nass Toys focuses on selling its wholesale dildos and dropship sex toys to online retailers and sex toy catelog publishers, as well as through brick-and-mortar stores. For new partners seeking wholesale dildos and dropship sex toys, Nass Toys makes the fulfillment process easy. You can rely on the brand for a quality offering of products for your retail store, eCommerce site or sex toy catelog.

The New Jersey manufacturer offers more than 1200 wholesale dildos and dropship sex toys. The company designs and manufactures products for 15 categories, all using state-of-the-art materials recognized as internationally compliant and body safe. Through the brand's creative packaging and clear branding, your sex toy catelog or dropship sex toys business enjoys easy sales and maximized profits. Past and current retailers recognize the brand for its high quality customer service and superior order fulfillment rates.

Everyone finds something they want among Nass Toys products, whether your customers seek wholesale dildos or other dropship sex toys. The brand offers products for women, men, couples and LGBQTIA. These toys include the always popular dongs and strokers available in multiple skin colors to match an expanding customer demographic.

Every motorized product you can offer in your sex toy catelog under the Nass Toys brand uses the highest quality motor, USB-enabled or battery operated mechanism. These products also employ LED technology and remote controls designed to meet international standards. Nass Toys stands behind its products and technologies to help sex toy catelog publishers' and other retailers' earnings grow.

Top-Selling Products

With over 1200 individual products in Nass Toys' 15 collections, everyone can find the right adult toys for their own interests. More than 100 Nass Toys products make the industry's bestseller lists. Some of these ongoing bestsellers include Anal Ese, China Nympho, Sta Hard and China Shrink Creams. Stallion Delay products also remain a favorite of customers worldwide who want to delay orgasm for sustained pleasure.

The North Bergen, NJ company's product categories include anal toys, bullets, beads, balls, dolls, dongs and double dongs. The brand also offers kits, Latin lines, lotions, lubes, pills, masturbators, playful accessories and pumps. Other categories include rings, sleeves, vibrators, specialty vibrators and strap-ons.

A Limited Warranty Streamlines Your Customer Service

When your customers buy products from Nasstoys' collections, they receive a limited product warranty. Of course, customers must remember to not leave batteries in their vibrator between uses, to prevent battery corrosion and product damage. If a vibrator fails, your customers should first check the position of the batteries against indicators in the battery compartment.

Otherwise, Nasstoys products carry a 30-day warranty from the purchase date. This warranty covers mechanical failure for battery-operated products. To request a replacement, the customer simply completes several steps. These include:

  • Cleaning and returning the product in its original packaging
  • Placing the original receipt in the packaging
  • Including a note with the customer's complete mailing address for replacement item shipping
  • Including a $10 U.S. money order for payment of shipping and handling
  • Writing the money order as payable to Novelties by Nasswalk, Inc

Customers must send the completed package with the payment to Novelties by Nasswalk, Inc., 2075 91st Street, North Bergen, NJ 07047.