The History Of Liberator

Sex Furniture

Liberator sex furniture is an innovator in the bedroom, designing and manufacturing premium quality, patented positioning props for sexual wellness. Also called "bedroom adventure gear," the company's products include a collection of foam Liberator wedge shapes, other shapes, love loungers, sheet sets and other intimate accessories that enhance body positioning for improved sexual interaction. The company is known for its forward-thinking, unapologetic designs crafted in the U.S.A. The products are attractive to a wide range of customers of varied ages, genders, sexual orientations, mobility levels and interests. They sell very well to individuals, couples and even groups seeking a heightened sexual experience. is pleased to wholesale a large collection of Liberator's bestselling products to online retailers just like you. We make the order fulfillment process easy, offering drop shipping services in discreet packaging direct to your customer. Now your eCommerce website can offer the Liberator wedge and other sex furniture by this well-known luxury brand without the hassles of a big, upfront investment or keeping on-site inventory.

About Liberator 

Liberator was started in 2002 by Louis Friedman in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time, more than $250 million of products have sold from the line of patented positioning props for sexual wellness. Over 90 percent of these sales have taken place through eCommerce retailers like those buying wholesale from Currently, more than 220 employees create the American-made products for distribution around the world. Everything the brand sells is manufactured in its 140,000 square foot facility in Atlanta.

Today, Liberator is one brand in a family of six companies under the company name of Luvu Brands. Luvu formed when the CEO of Liberator noted the abundance of scrap materials leftover from creation of Liberator's products. Instead of selling the scraps or simply disposing of them, He created five additional lines of foam-based products for use across multiple sectors. These sectors range from bean bag furniture to luxury rest and relaxation props, paneled headboards to children's play furniture. The collection of Luvu Brands fall under the corporate umbrella of OneUp Innovations, Inc., also headquartered in Atlanta.

Company Specifics

Louis Friedman has served as Liberator's and Luvu Brands' CEO and Director since the company launched in 2002. He has also served as the President of the organization since 2008. Before he started this sex furniture company, he was a business investor and consultant. His consulting work included expertise in marketing, mergers and acquisitions and venture capitalism.

Luvu Brands is a publicly traded organization under the stock market identifier "LUVU." The company has sold over 75 million shares of stock at a market capitalization of $16.13 million USD in November 2021. 

Liberator Brand Philosophy

Just as its name suggests, this much-loved Luvu brand wants to liberate people from the sexual limitations of the standard bed. Liberator's mission it to provide its customers of all ages, sizes, shapes and physical abilities with comfort, elevation and support to reimagine their sex lives. All of the Liberator sex furniture items, such as the Liberator Wedge, help individuals focus on how sex feels instead of positioning. The brand claims to offer a better sex experience, increased sexual performance and deeper connections among partners.

Besides its reason for being, the company also believes strongly in sustainability. For this reason, they create sustainable products designed to last a lifetime. From only reputable suppliers they source materials and repurpose excess, such as foam trim, for use in the Luvu brands' other products. The goal is to prevent any trimmed foam or other materials from reaching the landfill.

Liberator also uses vacuum compression technology in packaging. This has reduced the company's package sizes by 75 percent. It is also responsible for reducing the brand family's carbon footprint. They use less paper and the packaging enables you, the retailer, to save money on product shipping while meeting your own sustainability and carbon footprint goals. 

Products Available at

 In the beginning, Liberator only offered two products, both in the sex furniture category. These two bestsellers, including the Liberator Wedge, evolved into a full collection of furniture designed to heighten intimate moments. Today, the wedge is no longer the only shape offered for the line. Shapes include the Kiss Wedge, Mustache Wedge, Heart Wedge, Ramp, Wedge-Ramp Combo, Flip Ramp, Jaz Motion Wedge, BonBon, Tula Mount, Axis Magic Wand, Whirl, Hipster, Humphrey, Wanda, Arche Wedge and Pulse. Regardless of shape or color, all Liberator wedge sex furniture is made of the same luxurious materials that are soft to the touch and provide the support needed for an elevated sexual experience.

 Besides the above-listed top-selling Liberator sex furniture items, you can also find the company's other high quality products at We offer Liberator personal protection masks, Love Is Art Paint and Canvas Kits, Fascinator Liquid Velvet Sheet sets, Bondi Portable Playscapes with Cuffs, Fascinator Travel Throw blankets, Doggy Rider strap and Slingshot cuffs and strap. These items show that there are unlimited ways to enjoy better sexual intimacy and experiences with Liberator products.

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