The History Of Hott Products

The History Of Hott Products
Hott Products is a privately-held company based in Chatsworth, California. The brand established itself in 2000 as a wholesale vibrators and sex toy company by Moris Abdelsayed, Chief Executive Officer and Chris Post, Vice President.

The wholesale vibrators and sex toy company sells its products through brick-and-mortar retailers, eCommerce stores, sex toy party hosts and sex toy catalog publishers. The brand continues to grow, adding fresh, innovative products to the market at low consumer pricing. Items produced by Hott Products have appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and in other pop culture media.

Annual revenue for the brand is reported as approximately $750,000 per year. Hott Products employs about five people at its primary location.

From its Chatsworth, California headquarters, Hott Products utilizes multiple overseas relationships as part of its supply chain. They have imported from China, Hong Kong, the UK, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and Switzerland. Fulfillment of wholesale vibrators orders and those of sex toy catalog publishers and sex toy party hosts take place from the brand's 15,000 square foot facility.

Hott Products' Brand Focus on Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Essentials

One of the biggest niches for Hott Products' brand focus has been the bachelor and bachelorette party craze. For these events, the brand develops, manufactures and sells a line of edible, inflatable and party favor products. These sell particularly well for retailers through brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce, sex toy party events and sex toy catalog distribution.

One of these edible collections is Spencer & Fleetwood Candy Wearables. UK-based collaborative partner Spencer & Fleetwood designs stylish edible bra tops, g-strings, garters, nipple tassles, hand cuffs, penis love rings and a men's poser pouch. These attractively-packaged products appear upscale within the novelty arena, thanks to grayscale model photography on each box. Each item consists of small fruit-flavored candies strung together to form apparel and accessories.

Other edibles include anatomically-shaped and condom-shaped lollipops, ball gags and gummy treats. Also offered are candies with sexual sentiments on them, Blow job Mints, Blow Job Gum, edible body paint, Boobie Bites candies, candy rings, powder dip candy, boxed pastas, cake sprinkles and liquor lubes. All of these sell well in retail stores, sex toy party environments and through a sex toy catalog.

Kitchenware, drinking vessels and novelties for a sex toy party, to sell in a sex toy catalog or for retail through other channels from Hott Products include:

  • Pecker straws and other party straws
  • Pecker Party liquor squirt bottle
  • Dicky Chug rainbow colored water bottle
  • "Shit Happens" toilet coffee mug
  • Blue Balls ice cube trays
  • Shot glasses and flasks
  • Serving trays, balloons, cake toppers and party banners
  • Beer can toppers and cocktail glasses

Included within the accessories category of the brand's offerings are lotions, lubes, creams, enhancement gels and bath bombs. These all sell very well for stores, eCommerce sites, sex toy party hosts and sex toy catalog publishers.

Wholesale Vibrators and Other Sex Toys by Hott Products

Aside from its strong focus on bachelor and bachelorette party gear, Hott Products also offers a broad line of wholesale vibrators and other sex toys. These include almost 200 wholesale vibrators and associated accessories, over three dozen masturbators, and almost four dozen dildos.

Product lines by Hott Products include Bliss, Wet Dreams and Skinsations vibrators and toys. Of particular note and popularity are Bliss clitoral stimulators with suction, Fancy Licker pleasure wands and Wonder Wands.

Skinsations' realistic skin feel makes their masturbators particularly popular. Some of the most popular masturbators include Bubble Booty Big Ass & Pussy Stroker, Man Eater Pussy & Mouth with Tongue and the Pussy Stroker Vibrating Masturbator.

Wet Dreams provides retailers with a brightly colored, economical series for bargain shoppers. These include Ball Crazy massagers, Big Tease Turbo Wand, Bunny Buster and Bunny Rush Cock Rings, Butterfly Buddy vibrators, vibrating cock rings, motorized anal beads and mini vibrators.

The Latest Innovations by Hott Products

One of Hott Products' latest products is the Sinful Touch play vibrator, a powerful stimulator for intense orgasms. This vibrator uses high frequency wave technology and fluttering vibrations for small area erogenous zone stimulation. Each Sinful Touch battery-operated hand wand comes with an assortment of flexible tips to provide various sensations. Sinful Touch delivers seven vibration patters at three frequency strengths of 18,000 rpm, 31,000 rpm and 45,000 rpm.