The History of Empowered products

Empowered Products
The History of Empowered products
Empowered Products offers some of the most sought-after bulk lube wholesale products on the market today. Through, you can start selling their famous Gun Oil Lube and Pink Lube to your customers today. We make this process easy, offering customer drop shipping to kick your retail lubricant sales off quickly and without major upfront investment.

About Empowered Products

Just like every product they sell, the start of this company has a cool story. They officially launched in 2002 after over a year of intensive product research under the leadership of brand founder and current president Scott Fraser. Since that time, the company has won over customers through their no-holds-barred approach to lubricant branding, packaging and sales. Products include Gun Oil lube and Pink lube for men and women, whether for solo or partner use.

Entrepreneur Fraser was first a platoon commander in the U.S. Marines. He spent his share of time in Saudi Arabia, where no vices are afforded to troops under intense Saudi law. Because of communal living and lack of privacy in barrack tents, the men at Fraser's base created a special tent where they could go alone to release sexual tension using the only lubricant available, CLP weapon cleaning liquid. This gun oil sparked Fraser's idea for a line of lubricants with the same pleasure factor, but higher quality.

After his military career ended, Fraser spent some time working the stock market before deciding to take his idea to the next level. He hired a team of scientists to develop his own brand of "gun oil," using hypoallergenic and safe ingredients. In fact, he ensured the new version of that old gun oil is as orally safe as it is pleasurable.

Company Specifics

Fraser's company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, the brand conducts all business activities, from design and development to marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution. They sponsor a wide variety of Las Vegas events and others throughout the U.S. The company employs about 19 people there and brings in annual revenues of about $7 million.

In the first ten years of operation, Fraser's company established itself as a bulk lube leader. At that early time in the company's history, they were available in over 3,000 retail locations and 30 countries.

Empowered Brand Philosophy

The "Empowered" name of his company is designed to emphasize the importance of communication between individuals as part of sexual intimacy and play. Fraser's line of products foster this empowerment by boosting bedroom confidence and enticing greater sexual exploration as part of health and wellness. According to Fraser, he knows from his firsthand experience in Saudi Arabia that personal pleasure boosts morale. So he does not think of his product lines as lubricants, so much as he considers his Gun Oil lube, Pink lube and full array of bulk lube products a pathway to happiness.

Products Available at

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