The History of Earthly Body

Earthly Body
The History of Earthly Body
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About Earthly Body

In 1996, married couple Kevin and Mare Wachs started creating and manufacturing their own line of quality, all-natural personal care products in their own garage. The brand is one of those great examples of entrepreneurship and tenacity for the ages. They have continued growing, expanding to global sales and marketing in 2002.

When you ask the owners why they started their business of CBD wholesale products, they are likely to give an answer that is as cool and classic as their products, themselves. They claim, "We are super down-to-earth cool people who want to supply our customers with only the highest quality products." They achieve this goal still today, well over 20 years into their company's evolution and at a time when wholesale CBD gummies and other natural hemp products are hotter than ever.

Earthly Body Company Specifics

The brand family operates out of Chatsworth, California at 21900 Plummer Street. This is their headquarters and where they do all of their company administration, marketing, sales, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. They presently employ about 33 people across multiple brands and throughout their US-based operations.

Sales growth is healthy for this family-owned business. They currently sell about $5.2 million of wholesale products per year to retailers and eCommerce enterprises.

Earthly Body's Brand Philosophy

The brand launched in the 1990s under family ownership and continues operating with a family focus today. They credit strong values and continuing deep commitment to "doing good" as the reasons why business continues to build. Co-founders Kevin and Mare Wachs started their company with one mission in mind, to create natural personal care products of high quality that treat the environment, people and animals kindly.

This kindness is something they continue to focus on as part of their brand foundation. They claim that being kind is first and foremost, including toward product development and manufacturing, ingredients and giving back to the community. The founders call this "walking the talk."

Products Available at

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