The History of Classic Brands

Classic Brands
The History of Classic Brands
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About Classic Brands

Classic Brands started as WTFN in 1982. The brand defines itself as a manufacturer of romance products that are female-friendly. This approach provides a growing line of popular lotions, lubricants, creams, candles, cosmetics, fragrances and topicals that tease the senses for more exuberant play and personal confidence.

Your customers may hear about product lines like Coochy Cream on major media outlets, such as cable TV channels, where they often gain mention on reality television programming. The brand's marketing is appealing and fresh with a modern natural aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of male and female customers. This visual approach to product branding, labeling and packaging creates an attractive presentation that customers cannot resist.

Quality branding takes the "taboo" and secrecy out of buying intimate self-care products, whether for oneself or a partner. The brand's approach also makes the products fashionable for inclusion in romantic bundles, gift baskets and bachelor or bachelorette packages. The whole line has a youthful, yet sensual appeal that attracts young adults and keeps customers coming back throughout years of healthy sexuality.

Company Specifics

WTFN also operates under the names Classic Erotica from their headquarters in Chatsworth, California. Maurice "Moe" Levy started the brand and remains its owner and president. With over 38 years in the adult toy and pleasure products industry, WTFN enjoys healthy annual revenues of over $9 million.

WTFN employs about 33 people who keep the brand running strong from their primary 10,000 square foot Southern California location.  This single property is the brand's center of operations, including product design, importing, warehousing, business administration and distribution.

Classic Erotica's Brand Philosophy

Classic Erotica formed on the idea that it is important to express and explore one's sensuality, whether alone or with a partner. To fulfill this mission for its customers, the brand focuses on design, manufacturing and wholesaling of bath and body products, lubricants, candles, cosmetics, body creams, massage oils, Nipple Nibblers, Coochy Cream and adult toy cleaners. The brand's slogan today is "Live life with passion and pleasure." That mission is clear through their quality packaging and broad line of personal care and intimate pleasure products your customers will love.

Products Available at

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