Should You Start Selling Lingerie?


As an adult toy retailer, considering the expansion of your product range to include lingerie could be a strategic move that complements your existing inventory. But the question remains: Should you offer lingerie to your customers? Here’s a quick exploration of why this could be a savvy business decision.

Understanding Customer Demand for Lingerie

The first step is to gauge whether your customers might be interested in purchasing lingerie. This involves understanding their preferences, shopping behavior, and the synergy between adult toys and lingerie as products that cater to intimacy and personal enjoyment. Customers often view lingerie as an extension of their sexual expression, similar to adult toys, making it a natural upsell. You can assess interest through surveys, analyzing shopping habits, or exploring trends in the market that indicate a growing interest in lingerie as part of the adult product experience.

Catering to a Diverse Selection

Diversity in selection is key when it comes to lingerie. Customers seek variety – different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. They might be looking for something that complements their body type, aligns with a particular aesthetic, or simply something that catches their eye. The selection should cater to all body shapes and sizes, offering inclusive options that make everyone feel comfortable and sexy. This variety not only meets customer needs but also showcases your brand as one that values inclusivity and choice.  Luckily, we do offer a large variety of one size fits all lingerie that you can experiment with.  This will help remove the stress of picking the right size and ultimately having to take returns on items you sold.

Why Selling Lingerie Complements Your Adult Toy Business

Lingerie can be a lucrative addition to your adult toy business for several reasons:

Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, lingerie has a lower price per unit.  For example, Lifestyle Distributing offers lingerie SKU’s as low as $3 which allows there to be plenty of “meat on the bone” for our retail partners. This affordability allows for a significant markup, often 5-10 times the wholesale cost, without pricing out customers. The high margin can contribute substantially to your bottom line.  For example, the $3 lingerie you purchase wholesale from us could be sold for $15 to $30 retail leaving you a healthy profit margin.

Space-Efficient: Unlike many other retail products, lingerie is compact and easy to store. It takes up minimal space, which is especially beneficial for physical storefronts where every square inch counts. For e-commerce stores, this translates to lower storage costs and potentially lower shipping fees, which can be an attractive selling point for online shoppers.

Low Investment Risk: Lingerie is a non-technological product that doesn’t become obsolete over time and doesn’t require warranties or complex customer service support post-purchase. The timelessness of lingerie as a product means it can stay on the shelves as long as it takes to sell without incurring losses.

What type of lingerie Sells?

The answer to this question really depends on your customer base and your business model.  For example, brick and mortar stores can dress mannequins with lingerie for an enhanced sales approach.  The customer could see, touch, and feel the clothing article and decide if it will work for them.  With the online sales model, it is slightly more difficult but not impossible.  Reach out to us for additional insights on how to make lingerie sell well for your store.  With over 600 SKU’s to choose from, you will find just the selection you need with us.

If you have ever been on the fence about lingerie and don’t know where to start, you are not alone!  As your partner in the wholesale sex toy business, allow us to help you!  Adding lingerie to your inventory is a strategic move that aligns with the adult toy market and will no doubt increase your bottom line. With minimal risk and the potential for high reward, lingerie could be the product that not only complements but also significantly boosts your adult toy business.  With absolutely ZERO risk, try drop shipping some lingerie items to your customers with us.  Happy selling and good luck!