Should You Buy Non-Branded Wholesale Sex Toys for Your Adult Toy Store?

Wholesale Sex Toys

Risks of Buying Unbranded Wholesale Sex Toys for Your Adult Toy Store

When buying wholesale sex toys for your adult toy store, it is tempting to choose cheaper products that you can profit from the most. This is why so many people make the mistake of buying unbranded sex toys wholesale direct from China. They do this with good intentions, but in the long run they discover why it is such a bad business move and not one offering true financial benefits.

Dangers of Unbranded Wholesale Sex Toys: Porous Materials and Chemicals

Sex toys are still classified as adult novelties by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that they are not tested or approved for safety in sexual use. As a result, manufacturers selling sex toys wholesale do not have to meet specific health and safety standards.

In many ways, this leaves consumers in a "buyer beware" situation. They cannot know the products are 100 percent safe or non-toxic. In fact, many manufacturers in highly unregulated countries like China blatantly use unsafe materials. This makes it super important for buyers of sex toys wholesale to purchase and sell only the products they know are body-safe and made by reputable companies.

Never assume the wholesale sex toys you buy are body-safe. Instead, purchase only from companies you have adequately researched. The manufacturer should offer information about the materials they use, body-safety and non-toxicity. This means materials must be non-pourous and the chemicals proven safe for interaction with the human body.

Purchasing your sex toys wholesale from makes this process easy. We have done the manufacturer research for you. We also only sell branded products, those clearly identifying the maker and company standing behind the products. The sex toys we offer generally offer consumer warranties, too.

If you ignore these warnings about porous sex toys, adult toys made with toxic chemicals or unbranded sex toys, you will eventually answer to your customers for the practice. This leaves you highly vulnerable to having to refund your customers' money when they learn about the issues. When someone becomes sick from their sex toy use, you also can find yourself financially liable for their personal injuries, medical bills and emotional distress. That is a financial risk no business should take. It is also one that will destroy your company through bad reviews and word-of-mouth.

Why are porous materials in sex toys dangerous?

Porous materials consist of many microscopic pits or holes, just as the term infers. These holes offer a niche to catch and hold onto a wide variety of debris, bacteria, chemicals and mold. Many unbranded sex toys sell so cheaply because manufacturing includes use of these germ-holding materials.

When consumers use sex toys made with porous materials, they run the risk of transferring the dirt, bacteria, chemicals and mold from the toy onto or into their body. Even when properly cleaned, the porous materials do not release all of the dirt or toxins from within the pores. In fact, they also hold onto strong cleaning chemicals, then transferring these onto the body. To say unbranded wholesale sex toys are germ factories is an understatement.

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Many Unbranded Wholesale Sex Toys

When buying wholesale sex toys, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not purchase adult products made with harmful chemicals. Your customers rely on you to perform these checks. When buying branded adult toys, it is much easier for you and your customers to engage with confidence. These are the brands sold by We do not ever sell unbranded items or any that pose risk to you or your customers.

Toxic chemicals unbranded sex toys often contain include:

  • Phthalates - nicknamed a "human carcinogen," these chemicals are proven to cause cancer. They are used in softening PVC, rubber and some plastics.
  • Latex - Many people suffer a latex allergy only discovered after exposing themselves to the product through condoms or sex toy use.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) - Commonly found in plastic, BPA can affect hormones, fetal development, brain activity, behavior, the heart, adrenal glands and even body weight.
  • Melamine - Used in making plastic resin and as a cleanser, particularly in China, this chemical causes kidney failure, urinary tract problems, hypertension, irritability and renal damage.
  • Glycerin - Often used in condoms, lubes and sweet-tasting sex toys, this toxin changes vaginal processes, yeast infections, irritation and increased STI risk.
  • Parabens - Also used in lubes, candles and lotions, parabens are often found in cosmetics. These chemicals affect your endocrine system, disrupt menstruation, affect female fertility, reduce semen production, encourage cancer cell growth and upset the thyroid gland.
  • Cadmium - Cadmium and other heavy metals in sex toys cause cancer and damage many of the body's systems, including wrenal, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, respiratory and reproductive.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - Found in paints and adhesives, VOCs create a plastic smell. Over-exposure to this commonly used chemical or its ingestion can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, nausea, asthma, cancer, heart problems and problems with the ear, nose or throat.
  • Polyacrylamide and Acrylamide - Acrylamide is a neurotoxin that can damage the central nervous system when taken orally or inhaled.
  • Trimethyltin Chloride, Phenol, Carbon Disulphide and Toluene - All cancer-causing substances, these toxins can get into your body through inhalation.

As you can see, this is a big list of chemicals and toxins to watch for, when buying wholesale sex toys. Luckily, you can avoid most of them by purchasing only branded sex toys and avoiding unbranded ones, altogether. When you purchase products from, we do the checks and balances for you. We only sell the safest and most recognized sex toy brands that you and your loyal customers can trust.