Kicking Off Your Sex Toy Party Business

Kicking Off Your Sex Toy Party Business


Starting any business today has its challenges due to many areas being so competitive in the retail world. Selling sex toys is no different since there are many outlets available for purchasing adult products. However, while technology has taken over and definitely disrupted the brick & mortar retail market, this also opened up a huge opportunity for people looking to add the personal touch back into retail.

Consumers are looking for, actually expecting, excellent service and are willing to pay the price for it. This means that with a little training and sales skills, you or your staff could set up a branch of your business that goes to the customers instead of waiting for customers to come to you.

Sex Toy Party

Kicking off your sex toy party has never been easier. With no minimum purchase amounts for wholesale sex toys, the ability to dropship anywhere in the world and the ability to host your own sex toy party, anyone of legal age can kick off this business for a low cost. This opportunity exists for someone who is brand new to the adult toy market or for seasoned retailers (brick & mortar or online) to jump in as well. Let us dive into this topic a little today and see if this is something you can capitalize on.


Buying a starter kit

Wholesale Sex Toys

Hosting your own sex toy party requires you to show up to an event and explain the many benefits of the sex toys you are trying to sell. This is very difficult to do if you don’t bring actual products to the event that people can touch, feel, see, smell or even taste. When launching your own sex toy party business, you actually don’t need to purchase hundreds of items in advance to be successful. Quite the contrary, if you show up with a dozen or so sex toys, you can entertain people for hours and rack up some decent sales if you get your audience excited enough about these products.


Speaking to your wholesale sex toy rep is the best way to get started because he or she can set up a starter kit that has all the essentials you need to launch your first sex toy party. Items such as lubes, vibrators, dildos, cock rings, harnesses and more could be identified and shipped to you in a quantity of two or three each so you can test the waters with your customers. The additional benefit of speaking to your representative is he or she will already know what sells and what doesn’t thus saving you hours of research, testing and money.


Marketing & Execution

Sex Toy Party Marketing

At this stage, you may be asking yourself “How am I supposed to get customers?” Below we list three easy ways to rack up names of people who will be interested in showing up (or virtually viewing) your sex toy party with their wallets ready to open:


  1. Facebook or Google Ads – Getting interested customers in showing up to your sex toy party is easily done through a push marketing campaign. This is where you set up an offer and ask for contact information to redeem this offer. For example, “Get a free 1oz lube for signing up to our sex toy party list.” Customers love free things so if you are ready to send out some promotional items that won’t make you go broke, you can, in turn, build a massive email list filled with customer information you can use for years. One word of caution, Facebook doesn’t allow marketing for sex toys or anything sex toy-related so you will have to get creative by building your ads a different way. Something like “relationship enhancement seminar” may do the trick instead of sex toy party. Google doesn’t have this issue so you can market on Google to start if you don’t really want to get creative.
  2. Friends, Family and Affiliates – If you are diving headfirst in this new business venture, you should let people know what you are doing. You would be surprised how much support you can get from your sphere of influence. Once you sign up a friend or family member, you can easily transition them into affiliates that they bring on so you and your family members or friends get a cut of the commission structure you set up.
  3. Skype Party – Embrace technology by hosting your very own Skype sex toy party by virtually explaining the benefits of the sex toys you are selling. This option is unique and very scalable since you can host a sex toy party for hundreds of people at a time and then sell products to these people around the world, over and over. You would get these customers the same way as the previous two steps mentioned.


Educate yourself

Limiting the volume of products you sell initially will also make it easy to learn and master the in’s and out’s of these items. So if you want to sell rabbit vibrators to your sex toy party customers, you should limit yourself to 4 or 5 styles when starting out. This strategy should be applied to all the items you want to sell such as dildos, lubes, male masturbators and more.

You can lean on your wholesale sex toy representative for this part as well since he or she will be able to provide all the necessary details on the products you are purchasing.


Be ready to sell

When you host your own sex toy party business, you need to show up ready to sell. This means you should have the following items ready:


  • Order forms.
  • Pricing Set with volume discounts if applicable.
  • Credit card processing machine.
  • Different denominations of cash for making change. We recommend $50 in single dollar bills, $100 in $5 bills and $200 in 20 dollar bills.
  • Have food and drinks available. If you can serve alcohol, this is a plus. J
  • Have music going with something upbeat.
  • Have your vibrators charged up, filled with batteries if needed and ready to be showcased.
  • Have small free items to give away with your business card stapled to it so even if they don’t buy anything that day, they can be routed to your website and potentially purchase in the future.
  • Have your affiliate agreement or at least a general commission structure ready if you want to recruit any guys or girls from the sex toy party.

The sex toy party business could be very lucrative as a part-time gig or even a full-time business. Just like any enterprise, you get out what you put in so if you are serious about this venture and love to help people enhance their sex lives, the first step is taking action by getting started.