How To Make Your Adult Toy Store Google Friendly

Wholesale Sex Toys

Buying wholesale sex toys and retailing them isn't the easiest venture you will find yourself in these days.  In fact, Google doesn't reward online adult stores as well as they would if you sold a non-mature product.  In reality, this makes sense why Google’s algorithm would perform this way since they are all about user experience and keeping things safe for ALL audiences.  Naturally, it will be much more difficult to rank an adult toy website with this in mind.

However, this doesn't mean that you as an entrepreneur adult toy store owner cannot spruce up your online presence to at least help Google crawl your website with ease.  There are a number of ways to improve your search presence and gain market share over your competitors who are also buying wholesale sex toys for resale.  You will want to do this so your customers will find the products you are trying to sell with a little help from Google search engine rankings.

It's all about organic search results. 

Wholesale Sex ToysSure, paying for the top spot with Google or Bing ads are great if you have a massive marketing budget and know how to optimize your ads on a daily basis.  This strategy, by the way, requires almost a full-time effort, which is why many sex toy companies with a budget for Pay Per Click (PPC) outsource this to professionals.  You can see why this would be done since these marketing companies have the time and expertise to optimize advertising campaigns while a small business owner does not. 

For most business owners, I’m going to assume that you don’t have a massive advertising budget.  If you find yourself in the massive advertising budget category, congratulations and you probably don't need to read any further.  However, if you are a small business owner and need some quick tips to boost your online presence and start making some money from Google, keep reading because you are going to want to hear this from someone who has been doing this for years.

Content is King

Yeah, you may have heard this before with online marketing because it's 100% true and necessary.  The more intriguing, relevant, helpful and engaging content you create on your website, the better your chances are for ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  Notice how one of those factors was relevance.  This is because this content has to be relevant to your business (Adult Toys) and cannot be about how cat owners are happier individuals compared to dog owners.

If I have your attention, you should be asking yourself how and where should this content go? Well good, here are the answers:

How: If you don’t want to write your own content, there are a number of online sources that will have professional writers do this for you. Check out and Create interesting, helpful, funny, unique content and then gear the content towards your store’s sales page or sales funnel. If you want more information on what a sales page or landing page is in addition to a sales funnel, a simple Google search will help you since we cannot cover that here.

Where – Where this content goes is entirely up to you. With most e-commerce sites, blogs can be difficult to maintain and also exhausting to manage. What I suggest is first making sure the content on all your products are thorough, engaging and well described before starting a blog. Don’t post a vibrator on your store and put the entire description as “Pink powerful vibrator.” This doesn’t help your customer decide or want to purchase from you in a B2C (Business To Consumer) environment! Remember, you have to do the work if you want the sales.

Make your website load lightning fast

Most consumers who arrive at your online store need to be impressed or at least intrigued on what you are offering in seconds! So think about that real quick. A customer who lands on your page wants to know what your page is about, they want the information quickly and they want to be able to buy if you did the previous parts correctly.

Your potential customers cannot do this if you have a slow loading website. What is slow you may be wondering? Anything more than 5 seconds to load is slow in my opinion and not worth the effort for most buyers. Remember, if your website doesn’t load in 5 seconds or less, your customers are already ready to leave.  I would even try to have your webpage load in 3 seconds or less if you really want to be competitive.  This sometimes is easier said than done when your home page or landing page is filled with high-resolution images and javascript.

Luckily, there are tools you can use to optimize your website to ensure it is running fast and as efficient as possible. Check out for details on how to optimize your website.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-Page SEO refers to the optimization of your website pages, images, title tags, meta descriptions, product descriptions, attributes, keywords and more. These are updates you would need to make on your pages to improve the chances of Google ranking your website well. This part is a little more technical and needs assistance from someone who understands what SEO is so don’t be afraid to hire someone to do this for you. Again, check out for SEO professionals who can do this for your store in a fairly cost-effective manner.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When buying wholesale sex toys for resale, buying the toys, stocking the products and putting them on your website is just one aspect of the business. The challenging part is actually getting backlinks.

What are backlinks: A backlink is another store, blog or organization linking to your store as a point of reference. For example, let’s say when you source your wholesale sex toys for your business, you choose unique shipping packaging that people love. They love your custom packaging so much that they refer to it by showing a link from their store to your store. The benefit of having a link (or many links) would be crucial to the success of your store. Here’s why:

Think of link building or backlinking as a popularity contest. The more links you get from others who have authority (a popular website), the more popular you become. An easier way to think about this is being the cool kid in school. The cool kids have tons of friends who talk about them with each other, with others and possibly students from other schools, right? The not so cool kids don’t. Google’s SERP’s work very similar to this model. The more popular you become by having the most friends (links), the better you are viewed in Google’s eyes and in return rewarded with a higher SERP.  More search engine visibility equals more traffic to your store which equals potentially more sales.

If your head is spinning at this point, it’s okay. You are not alone and should not try to understand all things marketing related in one day. You can hire an Off-Page SEO “guru” on Upwork as well if you choose but I highly recommend studying this for your business since you will want to know which gears make the whole thing run.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article and have gained some benefit from it. Work smart in addition to working hard and it will pay off forever. As a wholesale sex toy distributor, we invest in our customers and want their success to be a reflection of our success. We don't just sell wholesale sex toys.  We help educate small business owners on adult toy trends so you can sell successfully.  If you liked this article and it was helpful, consider linking to it from your online store so we can produce more of these helpful blog posts!

Thank you and good luck!