Saffron Love Strap SS480-06
Saffron Love Strap

Saffron Love Strap


This attractive, vegan leather strap wraps around the abdomen of your plaything during doggy style and other "from behind" positions. The result: diminished pressure on knees and back, more power to deeply penetrate and pummel with vigor, and better access to the G-spot or P-spot! Use the hand loops to pull your partner back into you, controlling the momentum and keeping them close without having to bend over them. Make orgasms a priority in your life, but enjoy the ride. The wide strap and plush padding give grip without friction or fuss.
Made of PU Leather
Package Weight
23.90 Ounces
Package Dimensions
3.50W by 11.00H by 7.00L inches

Product Type Positionary & Props
SKU SS480-06
UPC 646709480066
Manufacturer Sportsheets
Weight 635