Gender X Everyone's Lube 4oz GX-LQ-1942-2

Gender X Everyone's Lube 4oz


Dive into a delightful indulgence with Gender X Everyone's Lube 2 oz, a water-
based lubricant that keeps things smooth and oh-so-pleasurable. Designed for
all, it's your versatile companion for all types of play because everyone
deserves to have a good time when it comes to intimacy. Everyone's Lube is
precisely what it sounds like a lubricant designed with everyone in mind.
Whether it's for penile, Anal, or vagiNAl application, this all-rounder has
got you covered.
* Water Based
* Condom Compatible
Package Weight 5.20 Ounces
Package Dimensions 1.50W by 6.00H by 1.50L inches

Product Type Lubricants
SKU GXLQ-1942-2
UPC 844477021942
Manufacturer EVOLVED
Weight 5