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by Jules Lake on Lifestyle Distributing
Unbelievable Service and Company. VERY Under Rated!

I love working with Lifestyle Distributing! If you can, request Sean Mason as your Account Executive. He is excellent and always is up to date on market trends and which items to purchase. I was a new store when I signed up with Lifestyle Distributing a year ago and have already grown quickly thanks to their assistance in product education and sales strategy. I don't feel like Lifestyle Distributing is just another distributor. I truly feel like they are a partner who has a vested interest in my success. I have discussed everything from product brands to website platforms with this company since they have a vast arena of knowledge about the adult industry. Thank you so much for all you guys do for us!

by Sal Torin on Lifestyle Distributing
A huge up and coming distributor

For selfish reasons, I want Voskee to stay a smaller boutique company because their service and expertise is quite honestly impossible to find in this business. Most distributors I have worked with over the past 15 years only want to sell you something and want to do the least amount of work as possible. Not Voskee by any means. All the staff members know their products so well and actually spend time to talk to you about what works and what doesn't work in the adult toy arena. They actually have significant retail knowledge and up to date on technology that helps grow retail business. This insight has helped us grow so much in our business over the past year, I can't even begin to tell you how much. If there was an option for 10 start, you would get 11. Keep up the fantastic work guys.


by Lacey Hatterson on Lifestyle Distributing
Fast Drop Shipping

I have used Lifestyle Distributing for dropshipping some of their items and I have to say that their service is top notch. I'm hoping they start to carry some more items so I can give them all of my vendor business. Keep up the great work guys and I appreciate the help with my orders.

Great to deal with

Lifestyle Distributing is great to work with. They are small enough to provide excellent service which lacks in many companies these days but large enough to carry the products you need. I appreciate their purchasing team since they listened to my product needs and made some great recommendations which have paid great dividends. I recommend working from Sean who is my sales rep if you can.

by Tony Schlayer on Lifestyle Distributing
Nice Massager Niche Selection

Great niche products. You guys were just what I was looking for. Glad I checked Xbiz and found you. I think these products will do well in my store.

by Jay Larsen on Lifestyle Distributing
Will do business again

I will do business again with Lifestyle Distributing. They have a nice niche selection which is what I was looking for since I was interested in wand attachments. They have a nice selection and the prices are good. I will add Lifestyle Distributing to my list of distributors.

by Lori Wright on Lifestyle Distributing
Best Customer Service Ever!

Sometimes I feel likeLifestyle Distributing could read my mind. The staff knows exactly what it takes to be successful in the retail environment and assists with suggestions that have been VERY helpful. In fact, we have done very well with the products from Lifestyle Distributing so far and it has only been 2 months! Sean is a pleasure to work with and always takes his time to explain the difference in products and how to be successful online. It's obvious this company comes from a strong retail background because the information they have provided has worked very well. I'm very happy so far. I can't wait till you guys grow even further and carry many more products to have all my business.

by Jane Samper on Lifestyle Distributing
Good Wand Selection

I have ordered Wand Attachments fromLifestyle Distributing before and they really do have amazing prices for attachments that allow us plenty "Meat on the Bone" in our retail store. Thanks for the great products and even greater prices!

by Sam Weston on Lifestyle Distributing
Good Distributor

I have been working with Lifestyle DistributingĀ for a little while now and I can honestly say they are a great distributor. Although they don't carry a million products, they do focus on niche areas which is very helpful to our business. Their customer service is 5 stars since they solve my problems or answer my questions within minutes. I recommend working with this company if you don't already.

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