All About Us

With many options for Adult Novelty products available today, how do adult toy store owners choose the right distributor to work with?

Lifestyle Distributing is a California based wholesale sex toy distributor who specializes in high quality unique products for retail store owners, home party suppliers and much more.  Lifestyle Distributing isn’t your one stop shop for adult needs by any means.  If you’re looking for one of these massive novelty distributors, we will most likely not be the right fit for you.  We are more of a boutique distributor who can provide specific and extremely helpful industry insight when it comes to adult toy products which will help your bottom line.  After all, getting sales is the number one goal right?

Our business model is a little different from standard distributors because we invest significant resources in market research, product awareness and help you choose trending products which will actually sell and not sit on your store shelf or warehouse.

The problem with having access to thousands of products is most often, the business owner gets lost before even get started.  Have you ever dined at a restaurant that had over 100 items on the menu?  If you are like most people, you were frustrated with the amount of choices offered and were quickly confused on what to eat.  To avoid the same affect, Lifestyle Distributing helps you choose the best selling items which will provide the highest margins for your business.  Just ask us how.